Stop decieving our Ladies

So because she was ‘freshly beautiful’, innocent with a sincere heart and finally decides to be with you. As her first love and the way it sharks and you being a very cute guy, she wanted everything with you. So she surrendered!

She lost her virginity to you as naive as she was, because malt was for the swaggerless you turned her drinking brand from malt to alcohol and now she can drink a carton of Star beer.

Gradually, she became a pro in her drinking skills, competing with you on who finishes a drink first. You hang out in a bar with her and drink, smoke and go home for a ‘cage fight’. During this relationship to cap to her achievements, she ended up having 4 abortions for you and yet your conscience didn’t disturb you while you were doing all this.

When all these were happening, she felt since you met her pure, that everything else was settled hence she relaxed and tango with you. Hopeful that at the end, you will end up marrying her as you both always roam the streets with each other as ‘couple to be’.

Fast forward to few years later, when you needed a companion, you concluded she is so spoilt for marriage. Na who spoil am?

You left her, got a lady who doesn’t drink alcohol nor club and married her while leaving the one you have messed up for another innocent man.


Why are some men like this?

Why destroy another man’s future wife?

What if her womb get damaged in the process of the abortion?


Dear Ladies,

If you carefully look at a lot of things happening in this life when it comes to relationships and marriages, ladies are always bears the pain most. After all the dance steps, na your body go tell you. The western life is different from. The privileges the women have and enjoys is different from ours as Africans.

That man who will tell you to stop drinking malt because you are now a big girl, lure you into taking Star, Harp , O Mpa and dressing half naked is not a husband material. A man who do such, will definitely leave you one day for those who still drink malt and dress decently.

A man who really loves you CAN’T teach you indecent life. You can ask your sincere male friends… No man rough- handles or spoils the products he wants to buy before he buys it.

Every man wants a sane woman who he can entrust his home when he is not around.

Please insist on drinking your malt, your decent dressing until he marries you, then you can do or wear what he likes to please him if it’s ok by you.

Don’t let any man deceive you that malt being your brand of drink means you are local without swagger or that drinking alcohol makes you a big girl.

Please receive sense!

And to the men who find joy in destroying another man’s future wife, desist from it. Make a positive difference. Leave that innocent girl alone.


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